Pets send you messages

Have you ever been going on about your day and thought 'I need to fill up the pet water' or 'I'm late feeding the pets'?

Love from animals

When I see love from an animal, I can see the energy emanating from them. When a pet wants to show you gratitude, I can literally see them

Introducing a new pet into your family

There a lot of things that you can do when you introduce a new pet, a couple being, bring something with the smell of your current pet

Feeling signs

A little while back now, a black butterfly with blue spots was flying really close and all around me, to the point where I had stop and take notice. I normally don’t take much notice, as I really dislike the generic signs that people always throw around, like: ‘oh a white feather means an angel is around’. Mate, I have white ducks, I see white feathers all day long. Generally, seeing a butterfly isn’t a sign for me. Plus, after the rain, there have been a great deal of yellow

Distractions and your destiny

You’ve all heard the saying ‘pick your battles’ but do we really apply it to our life? In life we should be focused on our destiny. There wi