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Introducing a new pet into your family

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

There's a lot of things that you can do when you introduce a new pet, a couple being; bring something with the smell of your current pet to the new pet and vice versa & introduce them on neutral grounds. But what can you do to prepare them spiritually?

What I do with clients, is communicate with both pets separately. Explain to them what’s happening and introduce them before they physically meet. But if you can’t afford a communication session, what can you do?

I would suggest that you do the following if you are getting a new pet:

• Talk to your current pet/s and let them know what is happening. Yes, that sounds crazy but as you speak, you will create images in your mind that the animals pick up on.

• Explain to your current pets, the situation that the other pet is in. As an example, explain that the new pet is a rescue and it doesn’t have a home just like your current pet didn’t have a home before you rescued him/her.

• Ask your current pet to make your new pet feel at home and be a mentor and show the new pet the ropes, so to speak.

• Explain to your current pet exactly what you expect from him/her.

• Describe the new pet to your current pet and again as you speak about them, you will create an image that they will pick up on.

• I would suggest doing similar things with the new pet if you have the ability to see them before they arrive.

Also remain calm and positive. If you are nervous and anxious during the initial meeting, both pets will pick up on your energy.

Also, be patient. Imagine if you were picked out and put into a new situation and family. You'd need time to adjust, just like a new pet.

If you are getting a new pet soon, good luck and thank you for looking after the animals.

Nicole Elizabeth.

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