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Is taking your pet to the vet a big ordeal?

Have you ever noticed that your pets know when you are taking them to the vet?

Pets can read energy and see your thoughts, so they understand when it's time to go to the vet.

Have you ever had issues taking your pets to the vet?  Have you made the appointment and then dread having to do the dance with your pet to get them into their crate or car?

Below are a few tips that may assist with helping you plan your next trip to the vet and make your pet feel comfortable at the same time.

My first suggestion is, leave your pet's crate or pet carry case out in a place where your pet can not only see it but access it daily.  Keep the crate in a place where your pet likes to sleep.  Try to make the crate enticing to your pet by having his/her favourite blanket or item of your clothing inside.  The familiar smell with be comforting to your pet.  We want our pets to associate the crate as a positive experience.  What we don't want, is for your pets to feel that their crate is a 'bad' place and only ever have a negative experience in there.  The crate shouldn't be an item that only comes out once a year otherwise your pet will associate it with going to a place that stresses them out.  We want to help your pet understand that their crate is a helpful carry crate that will protect them while being transported.  It should be a place where they feel comfortable in at all times. 

A way to assist with this process, is to explain to your pets that their crates are like their bedrooms. I would suggest always leaving the door open so that your pets have free access to go in and out as they please.  The only exception would be when they are being transported and in the case of an emergency.   Try encouraging your pets to go in their bedroom when they want time out or if they want to have a sleep.  Their bedroom should always feel safe and secure to them and on that basis, it is important to always ensure that your pets are never forcibly removed from their crates whilst at home as this could startle them.  As always, it's a great idea to praise and acknowledge your pets' compliance when going into their crate. Animals love to know when they are doing a great job and that their behaviour makes you happy. Praise really does go a long way. 

When a vet needs to take your pet out of the crate, always ensure that you let your pet know beforehand what is happening so that your pets are not caught off guard.  

Training your pets to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable in their crate will help in an emergency situation as well.  If you ever find yourself in an emergency, and for example, you need to evacuate, it will save you a lot of stress and valuable time if you can calmly but quickly place your pet in their crate.  Knowing that your pets understand that they are safe will allow you the freedom to figure out what steps to take in an emergency situation. 

I hope that this information has been helpful.  If you have any topics that you would like me to discuss, please feel free to send me an email.

Nicole Elizabeth xx

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