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Never Give up hope if you have a missing pet

Chopper was reunited after 10 days

Just recently I conducted a missing pet consultation for Chopper, pictured here.

Chopper explained to me that he was hungry, okay, lost and alive but most importantly, he wanted to come home. Not long after my connection with Chopper’s Grandma, she received a call about a passed away dog in the area that Chopper went missing in. Naturally, this is a very upsetting call to receive, however this can be vital in a missing pet case.

I never saw a photo of the deceased pet and was advised that it’s unclear as to whether it was Chopper or not. I tapped into Chopper's energy again and kept getting the feeling of being alive, which I passed on.

I won’t reveal the other messages or details that came through in the consultation because every connection is private. However, I do have permission to share this story.

A few days later, Chopper was found alive, not too far from home and has since been reunited with his very happy Dad.

During a consultation, I give owners spiritual techniques to help assist their missing pet find their way home. Chopper’s Grandma was getting information being sent to her by Chopper the day before he was found. She was hearing the song ‘I’m coming home’ all day. It was the next day that Chopper was found.

If you have a missing pet and you receive information and signs like Chopper’s Grandma did, please pay attention. Your pets are in constant communication with you, it’s just how we receive the information that we need to pay attention to.

I have seen pets return, days, week, months and even years after being missing. If you have a missing pet, please never give up hope!

Nicole Elizabeth

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