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Pets send you messages

Have you ever been going on about your day and thought 'I need to fill up the pet water' or 'I'm late feeding the pets'?

Your pets can send you messages. They are telepathic, it's easy for them. I will give you an example using my pets.

A little while ago at night, two of us went to close up the chicken pens. There are four pens, so I closed two, assuming the other person would close the other two. As the other person saw me near the third pen, they assumed that I also closed the third pen.

At about 8.30 pm that

night, I got an image of the third pen door open and my rooster sitting on his perch not impressed.

I then turned to the other person and said 'did you close that third pen?' to which I got the response 'No, I saw you there, I thought you did it'.

We went out to check and sure enough that pen was open, just as I had seen, and my rooster was looking straight at me not impressed. It's important that these pens are closed to protect them from foxes, snakes etc so my rooster was grateful to have his pen secured.

Please don't ever dismiss messages from your pets. The are bonded to you and are constantly communicating with you.

Below is a photo of my rooster that was sending me messages.

Nicole Elizabeth.

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