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What to do if you have a missing pet

When you have a missing a pet, it can be very stressful! It's also a difficult time to know what steps you should take. There are a number of things that you can do physically that may assist, such as: * Contact your local pound, Facebook lost & found pages and vets to register your pet as missing. * Do a leaflet drop in your area, put posters on your fence, telephone poles, at vets in your area and community notice boards at your local shops. * Phone other local vets to check and to record in their lost pet file. * List your pet as missing with your local pound in case somebody has filed a found report & is keeping your pet safe on their property. * Visit the pound in person every few days. * Ask your neighbours to check around their yards, including sheds and garages. * Contact the microchip company to update your pet as missing and ensure that your details are up to date so they can contact you if your pet is found. But what can you do spiritually to help your pet come home? In my experience, the following techniques have proven to be very effective in helping your loved ones find their way home: * Stay positive as your pet can tune into you at any time, it's important to keep a positive attitude so they do too. * Imagine a white or golden light shining from the roof of your house up to the sky, the light is so bright that your pet can see it day and night. Imagine your pet seeing the light and following it home. * Imagine a magnet on you and a magnet on your pet drawing yourselves back together, imagine the force so strong that your pet is guided by it. * Imagine a bubble of protection around them so they make it home safely. This could help with the right person seeing the pet and taking it to the vet or it will help if the pet has to cross streets to get home. * Before you go to sleep speak out loud to your pet and ask it to give you a dream and give you an indication as to where they are or how to find them. * Never give up! Pets can turn up days, weeks, months or even years later! If you live in QLD (Australia), here is the link to the best and largest lost & found group: QLPR: I hope this helps everyone Nicole Elizabeth

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