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What happens spiritually when our thoughts & words match?

My Mum would always tell me growing up ‘your word is your wand’ meaning, be careful what you say as that’s what you will create. I’d like to expand on this..

What about thoughts?

I was taught by my passed pets that thoughts are like telling your Spirit to arrange what you think about. Imagine, writing a shopping list that you hand to your spirit, who then goes and gets what’s on your list. This can work for both negative and positive things.

Imagine, thinking that you’re no good at something and you tell other people that you’re no good at it either. How can that situation ever improve?

Now imagine, thinking that you can do something, but then still tell people that you can’t do it. On one hand you are trying to create something positive but your words are counteracting what you say. So nothing happens.

Now dare to imagine, thinking that you can do something and telling people that you can do it and you are going to be able to do it. Your thoughts and words line up and you are creating a pathway for it to actually happen.

We’re not automatically going to be able to flick a switch and change our thoughts and words. It will take time and persistence but it is possible.

Remember, if your thoughts and words match up, that’s when the real action happens. When both are in line, there’s no stopping you!

Nicole Elizabeth

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