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How to take the power back and let go when a pet has been tragically taken

If you have suffered the tragic loss of a pet, and let’s face it, this happens and it feels totally unfair, there’s a technique that you could use to take back the power over the feeling of helplessness.

If you quiet yourself, close your eyes and imagine your passed pet in front of you. You might even have a photo nearby so you are able to picture your darling correctly. Then imagine meeting them again. They will be whole, happy and excited to see you. Use this opportunity to say goodbye to them properly and tell them exactly how you are feeling. They already know how you feel, so it won’t come as a shock to them if you say that you are angry and upset etc. Once you have been able to get everything off your chest, send them love and then imagine angels standing next to you and your pet. Ask the angels to take care of your pet and then hand your precious one to them. This will feel like you are giving your pet to the angels to look after until you can be reunited again, instead of them being ripped from your life.

By doing this, you are taking back the power by offering your pet to the angels, for them to look after. You are making the decision by not allowing the situation to have power over you.

This technique will set you free from the hurt, guilt and anger that we can experience when a pet is tragically taken from us.

You will be reunited with your pet one day but in the meantime, this will allow you to move forward free from any negative emotions.

Nicole Elizabeth

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