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Finding Pets

I wanted to show everyone this picture of my pigs. The girls came with me to fix some fencing at the back of the property. I knew where they were, and I wasn’t really that far away from them.

When you’re looking for a pet, you’re often frantic and looking quickly. If you were searching in this area, you might not see your pet. I have actually been only two metres away from my pigs, and I haven’t seen them until I was literally right next to them. If you have a scared animal that is hiding, sometimes they can be really close to you but you may not see them.

When searching for all pets, including large pets like horses and cows, it’s recommended that you check underneath tree/bush lines. Check in metre long increments, looking down, across and up. This is because even large animals could be lying down and you might not see them.

If you are scanning land for missing pets, it’s better to scan right to left as it’s unnatural, and your brain will scan more thoroughly as opposed to left to right, which the eyes are used to doing

Below are some preventative tips for all pet owners, that might be of help to you:

• Ensure that your pets are microchipped and the details are up to date. It’s a good idea to check with the Microchip company each year to ensure that details are always current.

• Where possible, it’s a good idea for your pets to wear ID collars and tags.

• Take regular photos of your pets and make sure you have photos of you and your pets, as proof that you are their human.

• It’s a good idea to walk your dogs around your home and local area so they get used to smells. If they ever get out, this may help them return home.

• If your pet is scared of loud noises and/or fireworks, ensure that your pets are kept inside during these times. YouTube has some soothing music that you can play for your pets during these times.

• Thunder shirts can help anxious pets in these situations also.

• If your pet does go missing, make sure you act quickly.

I hope this information helps.

Nicole Elizabeth

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