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Nicole Elizabeth
Animal Communicator

Whiskey's paws and crystal 2021 xxx.jpg

Annette Couch 

I found Nicole after our dearest one-and-only cat Whiskey died. While I was grieving, I learned that there existed a talent known as animal communication. I chose Nicole Elizabeth as our animal communicator, and booked her as fast as I could!


Little did I know the rich world that contacting Nicole would open up for me, not only with hearing what our dear Whiskey cat thought about and had to say, but what our other cats that followed Whiskey were able to share with us via Nicole too!


I'm convinced that our cats (and the dear mouse!) have benefitted much from (finally) having their voices heard, all because of Nicole communicating with them. My relationship with the animals in our house is deeper as a result.


Before my sessions with Nicole, although I loved animals, and would do anything for them that I could, I didn't fully appreciate just how amazingly wholly intelligent, sensitive, aware, self determined, spiritual and communicative that all animals are!


Nicole has devoted far more time and talent to my animal communication sessions than I expected to receive. I believe that although she is no doubt gifted, that Nicole has dedicated much time and effort in cultivating and sharing her gift. I've never felt rushed during the sessions.


I've also accessed Nicole's human aura and card readings, and a healing, the latter amazingly important to me because I know it's always there in the quantum (or "energetic field") for me to draw on at any time. It was exciting to receive my aura reading (and the other tidbits that came with it!) via a recorded video, that I've watched well more than once.


Nicole's sessions reaffirm to me how incredibly precious, how worthy of love, protection and autonomy all animals are. Thank you Nicole.


Susie Beckmann

Nicole has an extraordinary natural talent to be able to communicate with animals and it helped me to save my dog.

Stella was loosing weight but her bloods and tests were normal. I reached out to Nicole and she was able to communicate with Stella about what she was feeling. The session encouraged me to pursue the issue with her vet and it was discovered that she had a tumour on her spleen that was extremely close to rupturing.

I believe 100% that without Nicole’s help, Stella would not be alive today.

I cannot recommend her enough.

Guinea Pigs.PNG

Lauren Marie Catling

Nicole is truly amazing, she’s so down to Earth and easy to talk to. She got my little guinea pigs personalities so spot on it really felt as if I was talking directly to them. And as one of them was nearing the end of his little life, it felt like such a gift to be able to communicate with him and reassure him. The other has some unresolved trauma that I can now work through and I’m pleased to say he’s coming out of his shell already with her help.

I can’t thank you enough Nicole, it was amazing to talk to my little boys

Bailey - Debbie Hyde.PNG

Debbie Hyde

Oh my gosh there are no words. Nicole connected with my beautiful cat Bailey who I've had since he was 2 days old. I finally found out what happened to his fur Mumma, what he likes & doesn't like & so many other beautiful things about him. Nicole hit Bailey's personality & traits & gave me some fantastic advice about how to deal with his bullying sisters. I also received amazing insight into how my sweet boy feels about life & me. There are no words to express my gratitude for this amazing lady. recommend this wonderful soul. Thank you


Leonie Anderson

Thank you so much Nicole Elizabeth, it was so comforting to know that my beautiful boy Ferdy is happy & content in the spirit world . Ferdy past in May 2019, Nicole connected with Ferdy a few weeks after & everything he told her was spot on. I was still very much grieving at the time. 8 months later Nicole connected with Ferdy again & it was amazing. He still has his cheeky personality & I love that he gave her advice & direction for me as he knows exactly what I want to do & is guiding me all the time. It’s such a gift knowing I can check in with my boy when I need to & he reassured me he checks in on our household all the time. Thank you so much Nicole


Nicole has communicated with my 3 kitties and sisters cat and has greatly helped one bullying situation. I knew almost instantly when she communicated with one of my kitties before we even talked. The change in her was amazing. She was so accurate and right on when t talking to me about them. I highly recommend Nicole! She’s also got an incredibly sweet and gentle personality. 5 stars.


Denise Home

Absolutely a beautiful soul who was superb at communicating with my two dogs whose behaviour was appalling. So nice to have peace and calm now instead of constant ugly battles. Forever grateful to you Nicole Elizabeth- Animal Communicator 😍😍😍😍


Danica Elìzabeth

​She was amazing, she read both of my babies and everything was on point! I loved every minute of chatting with Nicole and it gave me so much reassurance that my babies are having the best life! What a gift to have.
If you don't believe it she will prove you wrong!


Cheryl Johannes

Much gratitude for the reading you had with our cat, Whitey. You definitely talked with him! Whitey is my daughter's cat and they have just moved home. He is fitting in and finding his confirmed and enlightened us of his you put all the sceptics here, in their place! We will work thru life with him and your communication xxx. People, please ask Nicole to talk with your loved is worth it. Much love and gratitude from all here, 3 adults, 1 very small dog & 5 cats! xxx

Hollly - Anna_edited.jpg

She did fabulous work for me recently when my little Dachshund girl was physically and emotionally traumatized. Highly recommend Nicole.


Helen Andrews

Nicole is an amazing lady that I would highly recommend to anyone. The info she gained from Benny was 100% accurate and gave him the opportunity to clearly communicate with us❤️


I am so grateful and appreciative of a Nicole. I have had two readings and I am just in awe. It's incredible the amount of detail she knew about my furbabies and right from the beginning. She knew both of them well as if I had told her about them. In this last reading, she literally said the first two things I was worried about right from the start. She took the time to explain and answer any of my questions during the readings. I have followed her tips/instructions with care after each reading and I saw results right away in my furbabies. I wholeheartedly trust her and will always go to her. She loves and cares about animals and what she does and it shows tremendously.
Thank you!


Tameka Patrick

Would definitely recommend Nicole! Was really good to put myself at ease with just loosing a very loved pet! Was really accurate with both of my readings 😊


Annie Webster

Both my Bacio and my Bruno are over the Rainbow Bridge. I had a reading with Nicole recently and was quietly weeping for most of it as the messages Nicole got from the boys were amazing. The reading was all presented from the boys’ point of view, which I instantly recognised as truthful to the boys I knew and loved - correction know and love.

The boys are Shar Pei, however they are more like Labradors with extra wrinkles in terms of appearance and temperament. For the reading Bruni was Mr Inquisitive with surrounding animals in Nicole’s circle and Baci was a bit of a Buddhist monk, just jumped up on the couch ready for a chat. My boys were wagging their tails and were very patient while waiting to talk. This is so how they were in life, an amazing confirmation. (Good to know Baci can jump without being lifted now - he was two substantial armfuls of squish). Such lovely boys.

Though Bruni died at 5 yo and Baci died at 10+ and both have been transitioned for a couple of years, they are together and have a genuine brotherly bond. They showed Nicole their body language and typical behaviours, which Nicole visualised and described so well. Happy moments like walks and meals. Bruni showed two taps on the edge of each metal food bowl when meal was ready. This is a habit I didn’t even recognise until Nicole communicated it!

For many days, weeks and months after each of my boys passed, I kept thinking I saw them out of the corner of my eye, in all their familiar places around the house and felt that a special symbol that kept recurring was beyond coincidence. It comforts me to care for an orchid in memory of each of the boys and I feel them nearby when I do this. Nicole was able to confirm all of these things are real.

I wanted the reading because I judged that I had inadvertently hurt the boys when caring for them during their final illnesses and still felt terrible about this. Nicole was able to show me that animals don’t usually dwell on their transitions, they are all happy where they are and remember the happy times more. I found it profoundly special that both boys did briefly mention their transitions, more for my benefit than theirs. Messages from the boys confirm that it is time to let this go. Baci said ‘There is no fear in Love’.

The images of Bruni prancing, playing, flicking his head, his play bow/downward dog and Baci entering doorways, head up, tail wagging in greeting. The memories of stereophonic snores!

I was blessed to live with the boys and share the love we did. And we three have been blessed to have the opportunity to connect again through Nicole’s gift. There is renewed lightness now.

I thoroughly recommend Nicole and her gift; this reading was profound and truthful


Toni Hainsworth Johnstone

We lost our little Milly 14 months ago and it is still very raw, I had a reading with Nicole and the information she got from Milly was amazing.

She told me that when she was getting ready to do the reading that Milly was impatient and running up and down and scratching to get her attention. Milly used to do a lot of running up and down and scratching, she did this when we got the leashes out to go for a walk.

She told me that our other dog who had passed Jessie had come to take Milly across the Rainbow Bridge when she passed, which reminded me that in the weeks leading up to Milly's passing that I kept thinking that I could see a little dog out of the corner of my eye walking past the door but when I looked there was nothing there, and I thought at the time that it might be Jessie.

Nicole said that Milly had no pain when she passed that she just got weaker and weaker, and she had liver cancer and fell off the bed and her liver bled out, so that is exactly what happened, I was there with her when she passed.

She said that my mind keeps going back to the time of her passing and I am stuck there, and she is absolutely right, I think about it a lot, and she said I had a lot of guilt around her death and I do, and she said that I have her collar (which is right near me all the time) and wants me to hold her collar and let it all go, she doesn’t want me to be sad anymore.

She said one of Milly's favourite moments is sitting on my lap on the couch and looking over to the left at her Dad on his chair. Before Milly passed, that is exactly how our furniture was set up and exactly where we used to sit, and she really did feel special on my lap as there are many animals to warm laps in this house.

She saw Milly and Jessie running up and down a hallway, Milly used to run up and down our hallway all the time with Polly, it was a favourite game of theirs chasing each other. Nicole also referred to them as “The girls” and we always call them the girls and when we call them we call out “Girls” and they come running.

She described Milly's favourite bed which was soft around the edges and comfy in the middle, we still have that bed and it would be nice to think she still gets in it. Also at some point in time red shoes are going to be significant so I will keep an eye out for those. Milly showed her our cats that have passed and she said that five other animals were there with them, and we have 3 cats and Jackson and Alfie all are buried here so that is five.

The reading was all done from Milly's perspective, the things that were important to her, and I feel a lot better knowing that she is okay and she is happy and that she is still around us, thank you Nicole you have made one very sad lady very happy xx

Kath Emma.jpg

Nicole has just done a reading for my passed over pet Hollie, but her best friend Bow also my passed over dog came through and wanted to be there, he was always the dominant one so I wasn't surprised. Nicole mentioned a couple of times shivers on her lower legs, I asked both Hollie and Bow to rub passed my leg to let me know they are around.
They are both cremated and are in my bedroom and I talk to them all the time. Hollie mentioned about the things i have around the house to remember her and Bow which is correct. We had two green birds that lived in the house with Hollie and Bow and they both come through to let me know they are around. Nicole mentioned that Bow run into the room and Hollie walked in nice and easy. That was both their personalities. Hollie mentioned about coming to work with me sometimes and she did.
My brother was very close to both of them, Brad was working when we said goodbye to Hollie so that was hard for him, and Hollie mentioned that. Hollie talked about our picnics and how much she loved them.
When Bow passed Hollie howled for weeks looking for him so I am glad they are together. Thank you Nicole you were accurate about my babies. This photo was taken the day Bow passed. The face in the orb is Bows. He came to let us know he is still around


Nicole did a fantastic reading with my gorgeous dog Mooloola. The messages totally resonated and were so comforting. My sons were blown away by the accuracy of the reading. Thank you so much Nicole!


Jenn McElyea

She was spot on about my Marley. And I gave her no previous information besides a photo and that she's passed. I'm super thankful for her reading because she was able to communicate with my Marley and in doing so, my heart is now so much less heavy. I highly recommend; that's for sure.


I lost my baby and in absolute desperation I reached out to a few people who recommended Nicole. Nicole went above and beyond to help me find Chopper, I was a mess, but she kept in constant communication with me while trying to find him while Nicole commmunicated with him. I know this sounds so crazy but she is amazing. Nicole said Chopper was telling her he could see lots of cars and he was scared and Woosey. I never gave up and after 12 days of looking for him and Nicole's constant check in's we found him in behind a car sales yard 2km from home. He never left home. She went above and beyond with the most open and caring heart. Most people would do the reading and that is it, but she kept in touch and never turned me away through all my tears. She goes above and beyond and is all about the animals. This isn't false, she is the real deal.

Pink Flowers

Shirley Day

My friend's cat went missing in the UK.  I consulted Nicole, with her help pussy cat came home.  He was a house cat so this brought great joy to the family.  Thank you Nicole, you are truly gifted.

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo

I am so honoured to be Nicole’s animal communication student. She has been incredibly helpful, encouraging, and extra generous with her time. I am not an early riser but I look forward to our 7am sessions every week, mostly to her hilarious stories and to re-affirm my abilities. My communication sessions are always the strongest after speaking with Nicole!
She has done an excellent job - I’ve attended many courses but it’s only with Nicole that I managed to get an animal’s essence + a few extra tidbits of information. Nicole has a practice group that has photos of her animals for our practice, in which she is always so prompt with her response. I understand that she is starting some courses soon, and I’m so excited for all the students who are going to be touched by her energy and light!

Pink Flowers

Terri Dossetto

What a truly amazing session with Nicole Elizabeth. I can reference everything that she said about my 2 dogs that I had asked her to connect with. She brought forward little idiosyncrasies that she would not have known or even guessed about both of them. I cherish the session and highly recommend this to anyone. If you are on the fence, don’t be, it will change your world. Thank you.

Tropical Flowers & Flamingo

I was absolutely blown away with my experience with Nicole. She has communicated with my babies Milly & Sammy and relayed everything back to me. Totally spot on with their behaviors and personalities. I will definitely be having another session later down the track A truly beautiful soul doing amazing things for our beloved animals xxxx

Flower Arrangement 4

It is never easy when you know that the time you have with your pet is limited and to have to accept that you can't keep them here forever. Thanks to Nicole she was able to communicate with my little heartbeat and discuss what's happening and why she isn't eating or taking her medicines. It is so distressing to not be able to understand what is going on but Nicole was able to explain that my little girl is feed up with being sick. There was more and at the moment it is all to raw and painful but what Nicole came back with along with sending her some healing we she has had some meals now along with her meds. I think it has been nice that they have talked to each other while my heartbeat is still here and to know that they will be able to communicate again when she has passed makes this all a bit easier for me. Thank you so much xox.

Floral Arrangement 2

Alli Deen

Nicole was very thorough and professional. I appreciated that she took the time to do the reading to ensure she was in her best work mode to get the best results. I had her read a few of my animals and every reading made my day. I couldn’t wait to receive them. They either had me grinning from ear to ear or helped me get answers to some questions I needed to know. Thank you Nicole.

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